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Fees & payments


NHS treatment

For qualifying patients under the age of 18, orthodontic treatment is funded by the NHS.

The only fees you need to pay are if you lose or break an appliance or retainer or need a replacement because of wear and tear.

The cost of replacement of NHS appliances is set annually by the NHS and is currently:

  • Single appliance or retainer – £84.80
  • Both appliances or retainers – £169.60

Private treatment

Adults, or under-18s requiring a privately funded course of treatment can take advantage of a zero-interest payment plan that enables monthly payments to made over the duration of treatment.

We usually ask for a deposit to be paid, followed by regular monthly payments by standing order from your bank account.

Your treatment plan will be bespoke to your needs and a fully costed report will be given to you after your initial appointments. The scale of the investment required will generally depend on the complexity of the case and the anticipated duration of treatment. However, the following is a guide to the type of investment you may wish to make:

  • Initial consultations (2 appointments) – £155
  • Single arch (tooth-coloured brackets) – £2,170
  • Upper & lower arches (tooth-coloured brackets) – £3,345*
  • Invisalign (clear aligners) – from £2,450 to £4,495
  • Under-18s Silver Service upper & lower arches (silver brackets) – £1,885
  • Under-18s silver Service single arch (silver brackets) – £1,150

*An example of a zero-interest payment plan based on an investment of £3,345 would look like this:

  • Initial deposit – £445
  • Plus 20 monthly payments of £145 each
  • Total investment made – £3,345

We can make replacement retainers for private patients:

  • removable retainers – £95 per arch (£115 if you were not previously a patient of this practice)
  • replacement bonded retainers – £160
  • repair to a bonded retainer is only possible is the wire is still intact and not fractured (current & former patients only) – £80

Custom-made mouthguards are available by appointment – from £70 – £90 depending on colour and whether or not they are specially designed to fit around a fixed brace.

We also stock OPRO Self-fit Ortho Mouthguards in a range of colours, at £25.

Teeth whitening is available at £310 (to include 2 x bleaching trays or 2 x retainers, specially moulded to fit your teeth)