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Update 5th January

Many patients have contacted us to ask whether or not they should still come to their appointments, due to national lockdown from Tuesday 5th January.


We can reassure you that our practice is still very safe – we follow strict cross-infection protocols and follow NHS England guidelines to ensure that we are a Covid-safe workplace. The safety of our patients and team members is paramount.
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Orthodontic treatment is an ongoing course of dental treatment and it is vital therefore that patients are seen on a regular basis. So, we would advise that patients DO continue to come to their appointments.

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But, it is important that you DO NOT come if you, or someone else in your household:

In which case, please call us on 01623 641613 between 08.00 – 17.00 to let us know that you are not coming.


If you feel that you do not wish to attend during national lockdown restrictions, and want to therefore cancel your appointment, we will be able to offer you another one as soon as you are able to come. Please bear in mind though that we may be in lockdown for quite some time!

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